List of Questions That You Need to Ask an Event Photographer Before Hiring Them


If you have planned for an event, then you would need these moments to be captured. Who else can do this work other than a professional event photographer? However, before hiring them you would need some important discussions to be done with them. Here in this article, we are going to talk about the details that you need to know before you hire them. 

Event photography is important as it gives your business or event credibility. When it comes to business, this can work as great marketing material and makes your business look professional and reliable. The pictures taken can be used to promote your business. If you are looking for a professional photographer in Denver, then you should try Hilary Moore Photography. She has always been a storyteller, which made her tell stories through photography.

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Here are some lists of questions that you need to ask before hiring them:


  1. A photographer will also try to show you the best of the photos clicked by them. However, if you get a video of the entire event then you will get a better idea about their creativity, experience, quality, and how beautifully they are engaging the guests with their pictures. Their work should be such that it will describe the entire story of the event. So, the first question you may ask is “Can you show me the entire video about the event that you have worked for?”.
  2. The main fear of an event organizer would be what if the photographer doesn’t turn up on the day of the event. This can leave you in the biggest dilemma. So, the second question should be “What if you fall sick on the day of the event? What will be an alternative”? His answer can give you some peace of mind till the event gets over.
  3. There are times when the client and photographer come to some disagreements relating to works. So, how you solve it together is what you need to discuss before getting into the hiring part. Here comes the third question to ask that says “What is your policy if we are not happy with your work?”. His answer can give you some kind of relief.
  4. Most importantly you will need to test their knowledge and understanding of the event. So, you need to ask them “How will go about photographing my event if hired?”. The answer to this question will tell you their creativity and how they are going to manage to capture every moment of your event.
  5. Last and most importantly you need to know that photographers do say that they do offer a range of photographic services, but are mainly concentrating on one or two of the genres. So, the next question that you will have to ask is “How many times did you shoot any events entirely last year?”. This will give you some confidence that you are hiring the right one and not someone who is just an architectural photographer.
  6. Your event photography will give you a lot of content for your social media marketing. To collect the best ones by hiring a professional who knows to do his job well.

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