Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy offers a natural approach to skin rejuvenation and repair, utilizing the body’s healing potential.

This treatment targets wrinkles and loose skin, notably around the eyes, mouth, nose, hands, and neck.

PRP therapy basics

PRP tubes offered by Plasmolifting World are effective for scars like acne, surgical marks, and stretch marks. Additionally, this therapy combats hair loss with other treatments for both genders.

The medical experts will provide detailed insights into the procedure’s advantages tailored to your requirements during a thorough, obligation-free consultation.

PRP therapy basics

Your blood is a very specialized fluid that has got the following five main components:

  • Red blood cells
  • White blood cells
  • Water
  • Plasma
  • Palettes

Each element serves a distinct purpose in the context of this new therapy. Platelets are known for their clotting role, but disperse growth factors crucial for tissue strengthening and healing.

The procedure involves drawing a portion of your blood, which is processed in a centrifuge to isolate platelets from other components.

PRP therapy yields a platelet serum packed with 6 to 10 times the usual growth factors. The concentrated serum is then skilfully injected into targeted regions requiring rejuvenation and recovery.

There are several applications where this therapy can enhance aesthetic treatments.

1. PRP facials

A PRP facial merges micro-needling with PRP advantages. Micro-needling stimulates collagen for facial rejuvenation.

In the process, a serum penetrates the skin through microneedles, enhancing growth factor delivery. Results usually emerge in three weeks and last up to six months after treatment.

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2. PRP for hair loss

This therapy has emerged as a promising preventive measure for hair loss in recent years, suitable for both men and women.

PRP for hair loss

This innovative approach involves extracting a person’s blood and injecting the concentrated Platelet-Rich-Plasma sample into the scalp.

This process is believed to activate regenerative cells surrounding targeted hair follicles, effectively jumpstarting their function.

As a result, it becomes possible to promote new hair growth, even in previously dormant follicles.

This therapy seamlessly complements existing hair loss treatments, including medications like Minoxidil and DHT blockers such as finasteride.

It can also serve as a valuable aide to enhance the outcomes of hair transplant procedures conducted elsewhere. The injected plasma works to invigorate newly transplanted follicles in the scalp.

As with any hair loss intervention, outcomes vary depending on the individual, yet this therapy has demonstrated its potential to enhance hair calibre and thickness.

A recommended protocol involves undergoing these procedures approximately every three to four months.

3. PRP for sexual health

The field of sexual health is rapidly embracing this therapy as a secure and effective means of enhancing intimate well-being. Both genders experience positive outcomes from these treatments.

These procedures amplify sensitivity, circulation, and tissue regeneration, revitalizing sexual satisfaction.

PRP for sexual health


Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy offers a remarkable avenue of natural rejuvenation and healing.

Its versatile applications, from skin revitalization to combating hair loss and even enhancing sexual health, highlight its potential as a groundbreaking medical solution.

By harnessing the body’s regenerative powers, this therapy continues to expand its impact across various fields, promising to redefine traditional approaches and inspire new possibilities for wellness and vitality.

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