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Printing the reports and other such details on multiple pages has become an integral part of every business. The constant usage of the printers has made it necessary for the administrator department to look for the replacement of the top-quality cartridges constantly. The best way of saving an extra amount that is otherwise spent on buying ink cartridges is by following some simple steps.

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Ways to Make the Ink Last Longer in the Cartridge

Here are some of the tips for you to reduce the constant spending on buying new ink cartridges for your printers.

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  • Choose the Eco or Draft Mode 

If your printing option does not require a professional or even a high-quality finish, then you can go with the draft or economy mode in your printing, while copying some files from your system to the sheets. This will save unnecessary usage of the excess ink from the cartridge than required for printing any document.

  • Check before Printing 

It is suggested to check thoroughly before giving the PRINT command on your screen. Many times, the formatting error or the typo error may occur during printing any document because of not proofreading before finalizing it. Hence, it is suggested to go with the PRINT option only when your document is 100% ready with all the requirements.

  • Black and White printing 
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Instead of printing everything in color printouts, go with the black and white option as much as possible. This will save ink from getting consumed unnecessarily while printing any document, unlike the color printouts.

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  • Change the Fonts 

Some of the fonts require more than the necessary space for placing the words adjacently and also between the lines. Such fonts will end up in making a 3-page document to become the file with more than 5 pages. Hence, choose the right font for the document, even though you have a font of preference.

  • Do not buy the cheapest printer 

If you try to save extra amounts while purchasing a printer for your office or house, then you will end up spending more on the run in the form of ongoing costs. Even though some printers are costlier than the regular ones, you can expect better overall results from them over time.

When to change a cartridge?

Here are some of the situations that require you to change the ink cartridge in your printer.

  • When your printer displays the LOW INK warning 
  • When you notice streaks on the document sheets or the image printouts
  • When the color is faded in the printout
  • When the printer fails to follow the PRINT command

The ink cartridges tend to run out of ink after a certain number of printouts are taken from them. The best way of making the fullest out of every cartridge is by following some tips on how to save the ink in the cartridges from unnecessary usage.

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