Your health and wellness can be improved by proper housing initiatives, which can encourage local housing, health, and care providers to work together and provide a choice of housing options.

This can support the independent living of seniors and other people who require health and care services, as well as change the local housing market and services.

nowmedical which consists of a team of a few doctors and psychiatrists having specialization in assessing housing medical needs. This team offers advice to authorities about health and housing issues.

home and health

The Relationship between Home and Health

The circumstances related to your home or housing may present a certain special risk to your health and well-being, particularly among the following segments:

  • Children, and their families
  • Low-income households
  • Older people
  • People recovering from ill health
  • People who are spending a lot of time at their home
  • People who experience several inequalities
  • People with learning disabilities
  • People with long-term conditions
  • People with mental health issues


The scope and makeup of hazards to health and well-being from the home for each person or household in a given community cannot be determined from a single source.

To comprehend this, it is required to combine intelligence from many local and national sources.

A life course approach is crucial since diverse populations have varying health, home environment, and housing concerns.

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Information should include:

  • The tenure – whether it is rented from any private or social landlord, or owned by the occupier?
  • The quality of the home – whether it is energy efficient and also good in repair?
  • The suitability of the home – whether it is accessible to someone having mobility problems or whether it is big enough.
  • The stability of the home – whether it provides a safe and secure environment?
  • The main health risks and also wider impact.

In housing for health, the following sections offer sources of information and proof, as well as advice on how to use it in planning and decision-making:

  • Healthy communities and neighborhoods
  • Healthy homes
  • Stable homes
  • Suitable homes.

housing is so important

Why housing is so important?

Housing is important due to several reasons and some of them are as follows:

  • Housing is one of the important factors to decide health as substandard housing can be the main reason for health inequalities
  • Making sure people have decent housing can help postpone or reduce a person’s future need for health and care services and prolong their period of independence, good health, and well-being.
  • The activities in this model can assist lower the cost of substandard housing to the NHS, which is projected to be £1.4 billion annually.

Although the majority of individuals want to age in place in their current residences. HICM (Housing High Impact Change Model) acknowledges that this will not always be possible.

It also acknowledges that some people might prefer to relocate to a better neighborhood because there are often very few viable options.

It highlights the essential housing-related measures and initiatives that will successfully support older adults and other individuals with care and health needs in maintaining their independence for as long as feasible.

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