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In every room, there must be a rug, even if it is a small room. However, if you use any wrong rug then it can overwhelm your room. If your small room is overwhelming then you may feel that it has become too tight in space, distracting, and uncomfortable too.

However, it is not always your rug that is the culprit. There are a few other factors present in your small room that can also be responsible to make it look smaller than it actually is.

If you are decorating your home, then you must consider all other elements as well so that you can make use of your small room rugs to trick your eye to make this small room feel larger.

The secret of selecting the right-sized rug meant for your small room is to get the proper measurements of your room and all the areas that you think where the rug will offer the best look.

Taking photographs can also be useful to you when you are shopping online to remember the exact features of the room. Take pictures with 3 walls in the frame so that you can get an accurate perspective of your room. Usually, smaller rooms have all these challenges that other rooms may not have.

When you want to maximize the space available in a small room by using your rug strategically, it is possible to make a lot of difference. Selecting a rug properly can visually expand your space and create a certain illusion of a larger area.

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The following are a few tips to use a rug so that you can make your small space appear to be more expansive:

1. Choose the right size

Prefer a rug, which is proportionate to your room size. Avoid any oversized rugs that can always overwhelm your space and make it look smaller. Rather you must select a rug that will allow a few inches of your floor to be visible all around its edges, which will help to create an illusion of more space.

2. Light and neutral colours

Select your rugs of light and neutral colours, such as:

  • White
  • Cream
  • Pastel shades.

Such colours will reflect more light, thus making your room feel brighter and also more open. Dark-coloured rugs on the other hand absorb light and will make a small room feel more cramped.

3. Keep patterns minimal

While patterns can add a little more interest to your room, however, too many of them on your rug can make a small space appear more chaotic and cluttered.

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4. Use optical illusions

Consider using any rug with stripes or any geometric patterns for creating an optical illusion of extended space. Particularly, vertical stripes can make your room feel taller, while horizontal stripes will make it look wider.

5. Place furniture strategically

Position your furniture partially on your rug to visually extend your floor area. For example, in a living room, the front legs of chairs and a sofa on the rug, and leave the back legs off.

6. Layer rugs thoughtfully

Layering your rugs can always add depth and texture to your room, but remember the size and patterns. You can start with a larger neutral rug as your base and layer a smaller rug with a certain complementary colour or pattern on top.

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If you want to make your smaller room appear to be bigger you can use a rug creatively to offer a look as if your rooms are bigger in size without renovating your house.

Remember, the trick to making your small space feel larger by using a rug is to maintain simplicity and visual consistency. By following all the above tips and selecting the right rug, you can easily transform your smaller space into a more open and spacious environment.

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