Home cleaning is a seemingly never-ending process that just follows the same path over and over. It can be a bit hard to find the motivation to clean the house each week or even every day.

This is why most cleaning services, like Blue Spruce Maids, offer a variety of different frequencies of service. One of the most popular is bi-weekly cleaning. After talking to the experts, it is not difficult to understand why. This schedule offers a balance between cleanliness and affordability and the lower effort that we all strive for. Here are a few good reasons why most maid services will offer bi-weekly cleaning as the best option.

Weekly Cleaning Is Too Much Effort for Not a Lot More Gain

Weekly Cleaning

This is the big one. A bi-weekly cleaning schedule means that you only need to really deep clean your house every other week. This leaves more time in between for enjoying your home rather than feeling like you live at the cleaners.

The trade-off is that your house will not be as clean as if it were cleaned every week. But, if you are not hosting people in your home, or have small children running around, this may not be such a big deal. If you are able to keep up with the daily cleaning tasks, like doing dishes and taking out the trash, your house will be presentable enough for most occasions.

Bi-Weekly Cleaning Is More Affordable

If you opt for a weekly cleaning service, you are going to pay for it. This is the most expensive option and is generally only chosen by those who have the money to spare or who have a very large home.

A bi-weekly cleaning schedule will save you money while still giving you the deep clean that your house needs on a regular basis. This can free up money in your budget to be used for other things, like taking a vacation or eating out more often.

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You Can Adjust Your Schedule as Needed

The best part about bi-weekly cleaning is that it is not set in stone. If you have company coming and need your house to be extra clean, you can always schedule a one-time cleaning or even bump up your service to weekly for a month or two.

This flexibility is great for those who have sporadic schedules or who need their house cleaned on an as-needed basis.

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You Get to Spend Your Time How You Want, Not Cleaning

In the end, it is up to you to decide how you want to spend your time. If you would rather not spend your weekends or evenings cleaning your house, then a bi-weekly cleaning schedule is probably the best option for you.

This schedule will allow you to have a clean house without needing to put in the extra effort. You can use this time to relax, spend time with family or friends, or even take on a new hobby.

While there are many different cleaning schedules that you can choose from, bi-weekly cleaning is often the best option. It offers a balance of cleanliness and affordability that is hard to beat. If you are looking for a maid service to help keep your house clean, be sure to ask about their bi-weekly cleaning options.

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