These days, we are witnessing a global collapse of the family institution and this has led to an increase in the number of divorce cases, which have come up before the court. More often than not, the courtroom battle for the divorce gets ugly. Since there are multiple factors involved in a divorce like division of property, alimony and child custody the case gets very ugly.

Collaborative Divorce

Take for example the case of amber heard and Johnny Depp. The recent courtroom drama had taken the world by storm and it was due to the fallout of the marriage of Johnny Depp and amber heard which later took a very ugly form. The best option available today is collaborative divorce. Collaborative law provides for confidential machinery of divorce.

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What is collaborative divorce?


Collaborative divorce offers a confidential process for seeking a divorce. It enables the spouses to reach a fair and egalitarian solution. They mutually agree to meet an out-of-court settlement. It is a great alternative to the conventional litigation process in which a lot of courtroom drama is involved. The parties are never satisfied in courtroom battles.

There is no one at the winning end in a family dispute in the courts because many ugly allegations are made which could have otherwise been avoided. Both the parties and their lawyers must agree that they will agree to an out-of-court settlement and that they must give this in writing. The other point of difference between litigation and collaborative divorce is joint experts.

Both parties jointly agree to hire an expert who has expertise in solving such cases and who can help them also resolve the case. When we talk about the litigated divorce, then since both parties engage their experts it becomes very cost-hefty for the parties to the divorce. This makes the process of litigated divorce a very exhausting process.

When the parties choose a collaborative divorce, then they engage an expert and mutually agree to the terms of the divorce. This assures that the outcome of the divorce is a win-win solution for both parties and no one is at the losing end in the divorce. The process of collaborative divorce incorporates mediation and negotiation.

This is a more mature way of solving the legal issue between spouses. As a consequence, the parties save a lot of time and resources in solving their issue.


The legal process of divorce gets emotionally and economically very exhausting. You should engage in the process of collaborative divorce which is much simple and cost-effective.

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