Warts can grow anywhere on your body and face, but are harmless. They do often go away without any treatment, but if you want, you can get any medical treatment done or follow a natural home remedy to treat and remove them. They are caused because of human papillomavirus strain.

 [English Meaning = wart] are of different types that can be seen on your face. In this article, you will know about it, ways to remove it, and when is the right time to consult by a doctor.

What Causes Warts?

Even though HPV spreads mainly because of sexual contact, people can pass on warts through skin to skin contact. This means when a person touches an open wart on another person’s body they can get it on themselves. This can also happen when a person touches a wart and then touch another body part.

Types of Warts:

Flat and filiform warts are a type of common wart that is developed on the face

  • Flat warts are developed around the cuts and scratches of the skin. They are quite common in the areas that are shaved like legs and faces. They are of skin colour. They have a soft flat top and is 17 millimetre in size. They also develop in clustered areas.
  • Filiform warts have an appearance of thread and spikiness. They are fast growing warts that grow near the eye, nose, and mouth.

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How to get rid of warts?

Way to Remove

You can easily treat warts staying at home. But it is better to have a word with your doctor before trying any remedy. Doctors can provide you the best treatment and guidance for successful and safe wart removal. You should know that treatment for wart contain harsh acids like salicylic.

Home remedies:

Two third of warts go away themselves without any treatments. This happens when the immune system of our body successfully fights away infection. It takes a year or longer for wart to disappear completely. Salicylic acid is a popular treatment for removal of warts.

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Medical treatments:

When there is no improvement with home remedies you can get in touch with a doctor. They might recommend any of the following treatment according to the skin type you have:

  • Cryotherapy
  • Cantharid in
  • Surgical removal

It doesn’t end with just treating the wart you always have to follow 疣後護理 [English Meaning = wart removal after care] for maintaining your skin. Try and prevent the transmitting and contracting of warts by not sharing your personal body item like towel, nail clipper, and clothes.


Keep open warts covered till they close, and do not fidget with warts. Make sure that when you try any remedy you do a patch test on your skin to avoid the side effects.

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