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In Europe, Italy is the most favorite country in the world where people like to visit. The iconic countryside of Italy, rich history, fantastic wine, and strong culture will keep forcing people to visit Italy again and again.

Each time you will discover a certain new reason to visit Italy. Right from the Alps Mountain present in the Northside to Sicily in the Mediterranean and also the vast country present in between, there will be something for almost all types of visitors.

In case, it is your first visit to Italy, then you will be overwhelmed with all the planning, information, and routing. You can buy vacations packages in Italy by contacting Italy Luxury Tour.

vacations packages in Italy

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Let us discuss a few tips while visiting Italy if you are planning to visit there.

  1. Traveling on the train is very popular
  2. Understand Coperto
  3. Be prepared for cobbled stairs and streets
  4. Before booking your flight make sure you read all the fine prints
  5. Early birds will always get the worm
  6. Know all visa rules
  7. Stay connected
  8. Don’t appear like a tourist
  9. Try to blend in
  10. Practice your toast
  11. Enjoy the Vino
  12. Avoid eating near touristy places
  13. All pizzas may not be created equal
  14. Surely go to Venice
  15. Get off from the mainland
  16. Find your best gelato
  17. Plan to spend a little time eating
  18. Riposo is the midday siesta of Italy
  19. You will find 2 Italy
  20. There can be many seasons in Italy
  21. You must know at what price a Cappuccino is available
  22. Get into the different mountains
  23. You must have a little sweet tooth while in Italy
  24. Try to embrace carbs
  25. You should not be afraid if you need to cook in Italy
  26. You can always prefer to have a drink while taking your lunch which is totally acceptable here
  27. Cannolis may not be delicious everywhere
  28. Love your dog while you are in Italy
  29. Bring your good pair of shoes
  30. Transport all around Italy
  31. Only go to those restaurants that will display menus in the local language
  32. Avoid eating in any restaurant where Spaghetti Bolognese is present on the menu
  33. Never ask for any tap water while you are in a restaurant
  34. Avoid putting parmesan cheese on the fish
  35. Dinner never start early
  36. Ciao is not for everyone
  37. Always try to greet all with 2 kisses
  38. Don’t queue politely
  39. Trains will follow their timetable of their own
  40. Always validate the tickets
  41. Before crossing the street make sure that you look everywhere
  42. Never try to visit Italy in August
  43. You must always have a little cash with you
  44. Keep a close eye on all your baggage while you are in the busy train stations
  45. Always book your ticket for the museum in advance

What you should pack?

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  1. Carry a guidebook of Italy
  2. You must buy a travel insurance
  3. Carry a travel adaptor

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