Things to Consider When Shipping Travel Trailer from One Location to Another

Things to Consider When Shipping Travel Trailer from One Location to Another 1

Shipping a travel trailer is a little different than transporting a regular vehicle. This is because it does not have a motor on it. A travel trailer is designed to be tied to a truck or SUV. It is a miniature version of a motorhome but doesn’t have a motor.

Travel trailers are usually hauled alongside whatever vehicle is transporting them. People who need to ship it can sometimes transport it on a flatbed carrier beside the truck. However, the cost of the carrier will depend on how big the vehicle or SUV is, as well as how big the trailer is.

When you need to ship a trailer, finding the best freight transporter might be stressful work. Ship a Car, Inc. transportation coordinators assist with shipping trailers through the most efficient routes, and best equipment. A significant haul specialist from SAC is always ready to answer all your queries. SAC has various trailer transportation options like an RGM trailer, flatbed trailer, step deck trailer, etc. SAC transports trailer cargo door-to-door throughout the United States, as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Different Methods of Shipping Travel Trailers

Things to Consider When Shipping Travel Trailer from One Location to Another

Open Carriers are Inconvenient

A travel trailer cannot be transported on a standard open auto transport carrier. These carriers can tow up to ten vehicles at a time and are built majorly to move cars. As a result, a travel trailer will not fit on it, thus resulting to be shipped differently.

Flatbed Trucks

A flatbed truck is one option. Flatbed trucks are used on-demand. This means that looking for a flatbed truck on a route will take a little longer than looking for an open transport vehicle on the same route. Flatbed carrying services are more expensive than standard carriers that are typically open transport trucks because they are unable to move ten vehicles at once. They’re normally billed per mile, with the dimensions and weight of the travel trailer included in it.

Bumper Pull

The bumper pull is a mode of transportation in which your trailer is simply hooked to the truck’s bumper and pulled. This is a common method used when people want to ship their travel trailers. The bumper pull is cost-effective because they’re large, heavy, and difficult to load and unload onto a flatbed truck.

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Things Needed During Shipment of Travel Trailer

Things Needed During Shipment of Travel Trailer

  • When shipping a travel trailer, you’ll need to know the length, width, height, and approximate weight of the trailer in addition to the year, make, and model.
  • The majority of the information can be obtained from the internet, like the weight. The rest is obtained with a measuring instrument which is particularly made to measure the length and height of the trailer.
  • These measurements are vital because they’ll confirm not only the cost of shipping it but also the carriers that are available to transport it.

Transporting travel trailers is a complex process. Instead of trying all DIY methods, it is good to hire a haul transport broker. Make a decent arrangement that saves your time and money.

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