Stephen Taylor Propaganda & Sweet Concepts Offer Memorable Corporate Promotional Gifts


Stephen Taylor ropaganda & Sweet Concepts CEO is a successful businessman with a vision and mission. He designs innovative corporate gift products suitable for brand promotion and helpful to the recipients. The Jewish businessman started from scratch introducing beautifully wrapped Thank You mints.

Sweet Concept was his first step into the business world. The confectionery company moved towards and is still nurturing corporate images with Chocolates, rock sticks, space dust, mints, fortune cookies, flavored popcorn, sweets, lollipops, etc.

He went door-to-door selling little mints with Thank You wrappers. He never stopped walking until he sold all the wrapped mints and repaid the factory. It was his first practical marketing lesson even though he had learned negotiation right from his childhood. His father was a property developer and Stephen used to be with him all the time listening to deal negotiations on the phone.

Taylor learned that it is crucial to fulfill people’s demands rather than sell whatever he creates. So, he used this learning in creating 5,000 Halloween-themed chocolate boxes for British Airways. For corporates, strategic marketing is the need. His team understands their brief and together they choose to make the right edible product.

Stephen Taylor Propaganda is a synonym for uniqueness and innovation. Today, Propaganda’s creative concept sells an extensive category of corporate promotional products including bags, pens, key chains, power banks, sports bottles, badges, diaries, and the list goes on and on.

Corporations just need to choose the promotional product. Add a logo, message, or design that reflects the brand’s identity or message. The promotional products help them build brand recognition and loyalty, as well as serve as a useful reminder of the company or organization.


Propaganda even offers customized promotional products. These are cost-effective marketing tools that can help increase visibility and engagement with potential customers or supporters. For example, the 100% tree-free Petra Paper Bag. It is designed from recycled marble and stone collected from construction waste. The product is soft, silky, and strong. It is an eco-friendly solution, which the recipients carry with them around making it a great brand marketing tool.

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Corporate gifting to employees is also essential because a motivated worker is a happy member of the staff. Stephen Taylor Propaganda offers high-quality corporate gifting items besides confectionary.

When the contributions of employees are appreciated by giving corporate gifts, a positive environment is created where morale is high and performances are great. Business goals are achieved faster with a motivated team.


Stephen quotes – “People will not remember what you said, people will disremember what you did, but people will never overlook how wonderful you made them feel.”

According to Stephen, a successful business is one that effectively achieves its goals and objectives while maintaining profitability and delivering value to its stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, and the community. New startups find Stephen’s journey from zero to hero a great inspiration! He is not just an awarded businessman but even a popular philanthropist and community supporter.

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