Some of the Best Life Moments That You Can Capture In Tenerife

Tenerife is said to be the largest of the seven Canary Islands. It has the highest peak and the most unique landscapes in the world which is welcoming tourists to its sun-soaked beaches.

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You got lots of things to experience here like climbing the volcano, snorkelling with the turtles, relaxing on the sandy beaches and many more.

This is the former ancient capital city that has many historical attractions ranging from natural to man-made sites like cathedrals to castles. You get to spend your day on different outdoor activities too.

Here we are going to talk about the best things that you can do here in Tenerife.

A Sailing tour

One of the best experiences here in Tenerife is the sailing tour where you can watch the whales move around the Atlantic water. You can even enjoy snorkelling with the turtles. You can also watch dolphins practising their backflips, which is even more magical.

Another option here is to hire a luxurious speed boat to go on a jet boat tour. This is especially suitable for a small intimate group of people where you can spend 2 to 4 hours whizzing around in southern Tenerife.

A Boat Party

You can get the ultimate boat party experience in Tenerife which sails weekly every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. This includes an unlimited free bar, the best of DJs, swim stops at the popular swimming area etc.

For this, you can book the tickets online and enjoy the best boat party which includes an Infinity pool party at the famous Kaluna beach club.

Animal Love at the Loro Park

It is a modern zoo that is home to around 400 different animal species. You could see red pandas, parrots, western lowland gorillas, sea lions, turtles, sloths, lemurs and flamingos.

You can board the Loro Parque free express train to travel around the park or use a 90-minute discovery tour to visit the private area of the park.

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Climbing the Mount Teide

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It is one of the most stunning experiences here as it is a mountain of volcanoes having the tallest peak. It is then surrounded by the stunning national park. From this top, you will not only see the entire of Tenerife but get to view the beautiful night sky, which includes 83 out of 88 registered constellations visible in the sky.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

You can have a free walking tour in Santa Cruz de Tenerife to discover this city. You can watch out for the hidden backstreets, seafront rock paintings and the most unusual African market consisting of souvenirs crafted from the lava.

Anaga Forest

Hiking to this Anaga forest can help you explore the island’s oldest areas. You can smell the scent of ancient laurel trees and watch out for the unique flora and fauna around every corner.

Waterslides at Siam Park

This is said to be for brave riders who would love to slide through the biggest waterslides. This is the best way to beat off the heat during summer.

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La Gomera

This is one of the natural reserves in the Canaries. You can get on the ferry ride to visit the volcanic formations, green forests and hillside villages.

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