Silicium is a natural compound that is abundant on the surface layer of our planet. This is also a common compound in human tissues and is equally important as Calcium for smooth body functioning. Rocks, clay, glass, plants, and sand are the rich sources of this mineral. It is naturally found in many foods like husks, ground grains, rice hulls, oats, barley, millets, rye, potatoes, corn, artichokes, beets, asparagus, and horsetail plant.


A clear functioning of Silicium in a human body is yet an unknown fact. People use this mineral as a part of their health care routine in the form of dietary supplements such as Fortisil OSA”. Regular intake of this supplement helps tackle weak bones, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dull skin, weak nails, and even hair loss.

Silicium deficiency causes breakage, brittleness, and ridges in your hair and nails. Also, reduces the production of a protein named collagen in cells and tissues, making your skin look dull and pale. Along with these, people will also suffer from poor joints, bone deformity, and cartilage problems.


Fortisil OSA” supplementation is extremely safe and there are no side effects with proper usage. One capsule per day could give you sufficient minerals for your body. If you suffer from any kind of health issues or disorders, you can opt for these supplements only after consulting your healthcare advisor or a doctor.

You can now easily buy Fortisil capsules online with an adequate amount of Silicium. These supplements are Cholin Stabilised orthosilicic acid which is better than biotin. It aids in increasing protein for strong hair, nails, and youthful skin. Regular intake of these supplements delivers all the essential nutrients for your hair follicles. Thereby, prevents thinning and helps restart hair growth, making them strong and shiny.

Advantages of Fortisil OSA” Capsules for Hair

  • Strong hair growth.
  • Avoids breakage and creates protection around your hair shaft
  • Stopping hair fall and frizzes, giving shiny hair and retaining moisture on the scalp
  • Consistent results seen within 5 weeks of usage
  • Good for your nail health and youthful skin

Benefits of Silicium Mineral

  • Youthful appearance with radiant skin
  • Strong hair and nails
  • Improves digestion
  • increases bone density
  • Reduces bone deformation
  • Regulates Calcium usage and storage
  • Gives strength and support to the organs and joints


Why Silicium Are Supplements the Best?

Any supplements containing Silicium including Fortisil OSA” are vegan, natural, highly bioavailable, and gluten-free products. They are starch-free and sugar-free, and no additives found in them such as preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, or animal-derived ingredients. These supplements are nothing but natural elements plus purified water.

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Consumption of refined grains in the form of white flour and even bread is a high-risk food habit for your Silicium deficit problems. Processed and overcooked foods contain low carbohydrates and will not provide any minerals to your body’s needs.

Also, you might not receive all the minerals from the food that you eat. So, your body utilizes Silicium from the reserves of bones and muscles making you vulnerable because of its deficiency.

That’s the reason, opting for Silicium supplements is recommended as they help the body maintain good collagen levels.

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