How Do Pallet Load Equipment and Storage Methods Helps to Improve Warehouse Efficiency?

Warehouse efficiency depends mostly on its layout. It allows heavy equipment to move freely with assigned sports for every item as well as finding is also easy. In a warehouse, load transfer equipment needs to be strategically positioned across the facility. It allows the staff to quickly complete every task without increasing personal injury or good damage risk of handling loaded palletized goods by hand.

pallet changer

  • At TopIndustries, you will find an array of pallet load transfer solutions. It includes pallet changers, tippers & upenders, dispensers, pallet inverters, pallet retrievers & spacers, etc. The pallet inverter transfers load easily from an old to a new pallet and save the trouble of manually stacking and unstacking the goods.
  • The pallet changer works at ground level and allows transferring loads without pressing or squeezing the products.
  • The tipper or the upender allows tipping pallets or oils or rolls on the side for easy handling.
  • Dispensers keep the pallets contained and keep the warehouse floor clear from risks of awkward pallet stacking or slipping.
  • The pallet retrievers & spacers are great for cold storage facilities and meat processing plants to tip pallets on the side and place or retrieve spacers.

Single-deep pallet rack

Reducing unnecessary labor helps to reduce tedious labor and work-related injuries while helping in organizing the warehouse efficiently. You must even consider the pallet storage method to well-organize the warehouse. Certain pallet storage techniques help to keep the warehouse functioning seamlessly and smoothly.

Block stacking

It is a technique where the unit loads are piled on top of one another and stored in lanes or blocks across the facility. Stack pallets at specific heights but you need to consider the pallet condition, load weight, forklift capabilities, and height clearance. The retrieval of the last pallet you piled on a height will come out first, so ensure it is simple.

Single-deep pallet rack

It is a technique that offers access to every pallet you stored inside the rack. The moment a pallet is removed from the rack, you can fill it instantly with another one. This technique allows configuring racks based on different heights. You will not have to handle honeycombing problems that happen with block and frame stacking. The downside is that racks will need more floor space to install such lanes.

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Pallet Load Equipment and Storage Methods

Drive-in racks

You can use forklifts to stack and remove the inventory. The option is efficient, but you will need to consider the space for maneuvering the forklift.

Pallet flow rack

It is an automatic system that employs a conveyor belt integrated with the racking system. It is a highly expensive alternative but extremely efficient.

There will also need to create workstations equipped with lifting tables to lessen heavy lifting and workplace injuries. The workstations need to be near places where pallets are loaded as well as near boxes, bins or containers the worker needs to sort through.

It helps to reduce back strains due to getting containers off the floor and onto low shelves. For better cleanliness and safety even have pallet washing stations. It reduces cross-contamination risks. Follow TopIndustries on Twitter and Facebook to know how their equipment has helped different sectors.

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