Re-Building A New Social And Family Life After Going Through Rehab Programs

It doesn’t matter if you have done many mistakes in life and how deep your life is stuck with addiction, deciding to get rid of your habits and joining a rehab is the best thing you can do to care for your mind and body, and your soul.


Whether it is alcohol addiction, nicotine addiction, addiction to stimulants like cocaine, or other psychoactive substances like marijuana or barbiturates, every substance can deteriorate your quality of life. It does not just negatively affect your body but all other aspects of your life like relationships, social life as well.

When you begin your rehab journey, many questions will be constantly occurring in your mind and you might wonder whether rehab can change the way people look at you and whether their behavior towards you will change or not.

To get answers to all these questions that are pressing in your mind right now, you must contact an expert at San Fernando Valley Rehab, Concise Recovery. They have multiple centers all filled with a lot of experienced staff that cannot just provide you every answer but also begin your detox in the most comfortable and painless environment. They provide stability in all aspects during their detox and rehab programs.

Social life post-rehab recovery

Going through detox is a particularly scary process for many but with the right therapy, it can be a very comfortable experience. Post detox, your therapy begins in the rehab center where a fixed schedule is set for all your daily activities including time to eat, get engaged in activities, exercise, and other forms of therapy.


Other patients in the rehab center become your new friend circle and the staff of rehab becomes your most important support group. After getting discharged from the center, your life can feel a lot different as the entire responsibility of self-care falls on your shoulder. Some tips to easily manage your life after going home are:

  • Stick to your schedule that you were following in rehab at least for the initial months.
  • Keep yourself to be the main focus and ensure that you are meeting your needs consistently.
  • Avoid meeting people or going to gatherings that can trigger you even if it means you have to change your entire social circle.
  • Stay away from all drug sources.
  • Find support from friends or family who genuinely wants to help.
  • Find time to exercise and for activities that you were enjoying as a part of your rehab program.
  • Never miss your therapy sessions.
  • Don’t get too busy with work and always incorporate time for recovery and rest.
  • Be easy and spend as much time in a relaxed state as possible.
  • You can even join a recovery support group and attend festivities with friends that are sober events.
  • You can also try to reconnect with old friends who are sober but you lost touch with them because of your addiction.
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Give yourself time. Don’t rush the process as you step into a new life post-rehab.

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