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Learning Everything About Asbestos, Its Warning Signs and Its Removal Procedure

For most of the 20th century, asbestos was used conveniently as an insulation material in construction. This was before anyone knew about the risks associated with using asbestos.

However, today it is banned in more than 50 countries around the globe. If you are worried thinking you might have asbestos installed somewhere on your property, then this article is for you.


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Here we have discussed everything you must know about asbestos and its removal.

How Asbestos Becomes Hazardous?

You can get exposed to asbestos anywhere be it your home, office, or community hall. If any area containing asbestos is disturbed, its tiny fibers get released into the air.

Upon breathing, these fibers enter your body and can get trapped in your lungs. Gradually, these fibers will cause scarring and inflammation, and over time lead to serious health issues like:

  • Asbestosis
  • Pleural plaques
  • Pulmonary fibrosis
  • Malignant mesothelioma
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Stroke

The best thing you can do to keep your family safe is confirming your house does not have asbestos installed anywhere. Nevertheless, the question is how to do so.

Well, for fast, safe, and cost-effective asbestos removal surrey services all you have to do is contact Advance Asbestos Removal.

They offer domestic and commercial asbestos clearance services, as well as can handle light demolition work to do so. Also, they will take care of the safe disposal of asbestos sheets.

Finding whether you have asbestos on your property or not

Before you hire anyone for asbestos removal services, the first thing you need to do is ensure that you have asbestos on your property.

There are a few warning signs that you need to look for. They are:

Time of construction

Most of the buildings that were constructed before 1990 may have asbestos installed in them for insulation.

If this is the case with your building, a hazardous material assessment is what you need. The older your building is, the more likely the chances of it containing asbestos.

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Old Insulation

Even if your building was constructed in the mid-20th century, there are good chances that asbestos was used while producing insulation pipes and heating elements. This is because asbestos is a fire-resistant material.


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If you have noticed that your hallway wall and ceilings have some sort of texture, there are chances of asbestos contamination.

Also, exterior stucco cladding commonly has asbestos mixed in it before it was applied. So, before going for any renovation work, it is best to perform a thorough hazardous material assessment.

If it is not possible to confirm the presence of asbestos, it is best to send the materials for a lab test. Certified asbestos testing labs use transmission electron microscopy to identify asbestos fibers.

What to do when you are exposed to asbestos?

If you come across non-friable asbestos on your property, be relaxed as it is not an immediate danger to your health or your family’s health.

Nevertheless, you must start taking measures to get it removed as soon as possible, to eliminate the chances of asbestos fiber release.

On the contrary, if you find non-friable asbestos is damaged or deteriorating condition, you must call an asbestos removal company immediately.

Similarly, friable asbestos when found in undamaged condition is unlikely to release any fibers into the air.

However, it should be removed at the earliest. It is best if you and your family keep your distance from the area where you located friable asbestos.

How to prepare your property for asbestos removal?

Asbestos removal is not a DIY project, so don’t consider it as one. Professionals working with asbestos removal companies have the necessary training, knowledge, and equipment to handle the situation, and thus they can do so without causing any harm to themselves or others.

That being said, when it comes to asbestos abatement, always contact a professional.

Now, when you have identified the area that has asbestos, ensure sealing it properly. Asbestos becomes hazardous only when its fibers become airborne. So, you have to take every step to prevent it and stop it from spreading in other areas.

Next, you must call in a professional to handle the situation. Right from the removal of asbestos to dispose of it, take care everything is done efficiently.

Surely, your asbestos abatement technician will take care of removing asbestos safely and later dispose of it, but it is best if you know about how it is done.


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When you take care of sealing the contaminated area and disposing of the hazardous material, it gives peace of mind to you as well as others living in your building.

Hopefully, you found all the important information concerning asbestos removal in this guide. Lastly, please don’t forget that asbestos is a deadly material. It can cause mesothelioma (a cancer that’s caused because of inhaling asbestos fibers).

So, always proceed with caution and contact professionals for inspection and removal procedures.

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