How to get an MBA in Canada as a Foreign Student 1

Studying abroad is a dream for many. Not only does it expose you to different cultures around the world, but it also lets you obtain your degree from one of the best institutes out there. Moreover, studying abroad opens a broader range of opportunities for you. In addition, doing an MBA abroad can help you understand the business world from a different perspective than in your native country.

Canada is a country that has tonnes to offer. The country accumulates fantastic views and tolerant and friendly residents. The modern lifestyle of the cities combined with the ever so simplistic lifestyle of villages strikes a perfect balance. Universal healthcare, a low crime rate, and intensely cold winters to warm summers, it has it all. As a result, Canada is one of the top spots for students wanting to pursue their degrees abroad.

Today we’ll be looking at the steps on how to get your MBA from Canada.

Research the program

If you want to study in Canada, you have to be ready for some effort. To get into an MBA from Canada means that you need to gain admission to one of the business schools that offer an MBA. For that, you need to search for MBA programs for international students. Once you find your desired program, i.e an MBA, make a list of the potential places you do want to go to; this can have personal biases, being close to a relative, the weather, or even the costs of the school.

How to get an MBA in Canada as a Foreign Student 3

Check the eligibility criteria

After you have jotted down the list of programs you want to apply for, you need to check the eligibility criteria; this is the bare minimum requirement for international students to get a spot in an institute. It includes your grades, degree, and other test scores. However, since Canada does allow you some relaxation in terms of your English language test scores like IELTS, it may still be required if your prior degree before is not in English.

Universities and institutes generally have a requirement of higher than 7.0 in all categories of the IELTS.

Funding and fees

Another major thing to consider is your fee. Different institutes have different fee structures for international students. Unfortunately, international students pay more than the average student of the country. Fees can probably cancel all your plans of studying abroad, but don’t get disheartened just yet. There are many alternate ways to get your MBA funded.

If you’re smart and believe that you can win a scholarship, you should apply for a scholarship. Nonetheless, if you don’t get one, many universities offer financial aid for their students. Once admitted, you could ask the institute for financial assistance. Furthermore, student loans which you take for your studies can also help.

How to get an MBA in Canada as a Foreign Student 2


After you have checked all the boxes and the university is open for admissions, this is the time to apply. Applying can seem pretty hectic; getting your documents attested and attached to writing a personal statement, it’s a long journey. Nevertheless, it’s worth it.

Visa application

If you are one of the lucky ones who got admitted to your desired business school, you need to apply for a student visa. Unfortunately, sometimes the visa of accepted international students gets rejected. Don’t be disheartened, though; you should still hope for the best.

After you successfully obtain your visa, prep for moving to Canada and getting your MBA.

Good luck!

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