Only a person who has gone through the pain in the feet or the ankles or the toes could tell you the significance of a podiatrist. The human body is extremely complicated and hence, to ensure effective treatment, different branches of medical science is created. The doctor who deals with the issues in feet is called a podiatrist.


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Being an expert Irvine Podiatrist she also has additional satellite agencies in Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, Orange, Laguna Beach, and the rest of Orange County, California. At her clinic, an array of services including surgery and treatment of hammertoes, bunions, ankle sprains, joints, diabetic foot care, plantar warts, laser fungal nails, wound, custom diabetic and orthotics shoes, neuroma, and sports injuries are performed with ease and expertise.


She also performs the most advanced foot and ankle treatments locally in her Irvine, Orange County podiatry office. This, if you are still looking for a podiatrist Irvinethen your search ends at Dr. Sima Soltani’s podiatry offices. She also delivers stem cell therapy, custom orthodontics and bunion surgery.

Reasons to see a podiatrist

Our feet and ankles come out of the hibernating period on the warm days. However, they are not readily prepared for the sandal days. A majority of people avoid seeing a podiatrist because they are unsure of what to expect or what might come up.

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Some others think that there is nothing major in their feet-related complication.


It is best that you readily approach a podiatrist to avoid further complications. Here are a few reasons to see a podiatrist:

1- Numbness, pain or swelling in the feet – occasional swelling in the feet or soreness is normal like if you just ran a 10 km race, it is obvious that you will get swollen feet. However, if you experience sudden pain, numbness or swelling in any of the feet for no tangible reason at all, that is a cause of concern and must be seriously taken. It will be better if you visit your podiatrist.

2- Fungus in nails – these days, the number of people having fungal infection in their feet is increasing at a fast pace. This trend can be traced to the increasing number of nail salons. When this infection is left as it is, it makes your nails go thick and discoloured. If you avoid it for longer times, you further run the risk of spreading it to all of your nails.

3- Regular feet pain – there are multiple reasons for pain in the feet. An expert podiatrist will examine, perform X-ray scans and finally reach the root of the issue to engineering the treatment plan. This is one of the reasons to visit a podiatrist.

4- Sprained ankle or broken feet – it might occur to you that in case of broken or sprained feet, you should visit an orthopaedist, but your best move would be to visit a podiatrist.

5- Athlete’s foot – one of the most common and frequently occurring feet-related infections is the Athlete’s foot. In some minor cases, it can be treated with over-the-counter drugs, but if it keeps on coming in your case then you must consult a podiatrist who will carefully find the best solution to your problem.


6- You are diabetic- those people who have type1 type 2 diabetes run at a greater risk of foot-related issues. Some of these issues involve poor circulation, damage to the nerves, ulcers, infections, etc. if you are a diabetic person, then you must consult the podiatrist at least once a year for total assurance.

7- Ingrown toenails – ingrown toenails are one of the worst and most irritating feet-related issues. The best way out is to consult a podiatrist who will give you the right medication for the issue.


The best way to avoid any feet related complication is to go to a podiatrist whenever you get an inkling of an anomaly.

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