Stem Cells
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Stem cells are quite essential parts of the body as they have the ability to repair damaged cells. It is because they can regenerate as any form of cells and possess strong healing qualities. Stem cell therapies are part of highly effective treatments because of the cells quality to improve the condition of damaged cells.

Extensive research has shown that stem cells have treated ailments like Alzheimer’s and even freed people from the troubles of paralysis. That is the reason famous Colorado clinics such as Stemwell have adapted stem cell therapy as one of their successful treatments.

Types of Stem Cells Used for Effective Treatments

  • The embryonic stem cells: It is the tendency of fertilized eggs to divide immediately and the new cells are known as totipotent cells. A foetus is developed when these cells group together to form a cell mass. The embryonic cells are of various kinds like totipotent stem cells, Pluripotent stem cells, Multipotent cells, Oligopotent stem cells and Unipotent cells.
  • Adult stem cells: The cells are generated from mature organs and tissues. The adult stem cells usually repair or replace the nearby damaged cells where they are situated in the body. That is the reason for the usage of hematopoietic cells is highly preferred to treat bone marrow problems.
  • Mesenchymal stem cells: They are developed from the connective tissues that surround the stroma. Thus, the other name of the cells is stromal cells. These cells found in bone marrow has the ability to form bones, cartilage and fat cells.
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The Usage of Stem Cells

  • The regeneration of stem cells. It helps to redevelop any tissues or organs. Thus, this feature is used mainly to transplant kidney and liver. This quality favours skin grafting to treat burn injuries and where there is a need to develop skin tissues.
  • Right treatment for solving ailments related to the cardiovascular system. It can help in the formation of blood vessels eventually leads to strengthen the organs that smoothen the functions of cardiovascular body parts.
  • It can support treating brain diseases. Studies show that it is tested to treat Parkinson and Alzheimer disease successfully to an extent. The embryonic cells are used to treat the brain diseases.
  • The diseases related to the blood or circulatory system. The adult hematopoietic stem cells are used to treat cancer symptoms, anemic conditions and even immunodeficiency ailments. It is because the stem cells can increase the presence of red blood and white blood cells.

The stem cells are used to fasten the healing process after tissues get injured. They can regenerate and for transplanting tissues. It can renew specified cells that are required to treat grave ailments.

The specialised cells regenerated with the help of stem cells are induced in the required body part to regrow the damaged cells.

There are high chances of getting treated with the assistance of stem cell therapy however, the success rate depends upon other factors like the severity of the disease and medical history of the patient. On the whole stem cells have brought revolutionary change in the medicinal spectrum

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