Four Used Car Buying Myths and Misconceptions That You Shouldn’t Ignore

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Since used vehicles offer quality at a reasonable price, car shoppers are always taking a keen interest in buying them. Though we do come across a few myths and misconceptions that are directly associated with the purchase of used vehicles. This tends to confuse a lot of folks out there while making it difficult for them to buy one without any hesitation.

Here we are going to have a look at the four used car buying myths and misconceptions and what they really are.

Used Cars Are Not Reliable To Purchase

Quite often we find people who believe buying used cars isn’t reliable in the very first place. Which is simply not true! Due to the advancement in the automobile manufacturing industry, cars today are more reliable than ever before. Cars today do achieve a 250,000 km mark, especially when we talk about used cars from Japan. Since Japanese vehicles are engineered to perfection. They last for a longer time than their American and European counterparts.

The reliability of used vehicles can be easily determined from the increasing number of sales of these vehicles all across the globe. In case you still aren’t sure about purchasing one, just get in touch with people that are already enjoying their benefits.

Used Cars Don’t Give a Better Resale Value

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Another misconception regarding used cars is that they don’t have any considerable resale value. However, one should know that buying a used vehicle gives an edge that brand new vehicles don’t offer. It is the depreciation cost that customers don’t need to pay when they choose to buy a used vehicle instead of a new one.

Thus, if properly maintained, used cars can give you a good resale value.

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Used Cars Aren’t Good To Purchase through a Car Dealer

When it comes to buying a used car, two options come in front of every car customer. They can either buy one through a private seller or from a car dealer.

However, it’s a common myth that private sellers offer good value vehicles than car dealers. On the other hand, it has been noticed that private sellers hide many facts from the buyers. As many of them are more interested to sell the units quickly, not providing their customers precise and accurate information about the vehicles.

Meanwhile, used car dealers provide genuine information about the vehicles they are selling. This is usually because of the reputation which they want to keep, while they also want to keep their goodwill in the market. In this regard, many established car dealers even offer certified pre-owned vehicles.

Used Cars with Low Mileage Is Always a Good Choice

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Many customers believe, when they have a choice, it is always better to buy a vehicle with low mileage than the one with high mileage. In fact, it should be the overall car maintenance, history, and the condition which should be considered first.

A car with low mileage but a poor maintenance history is definitely not a good choice here as one with high mileage, but in a well-maintained condition, is surely a better choice.

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Ryan Johnson is an experienced used car trader currently associated with a renowned online car dealer that stocks hundreds of quality Japanese used car dealers. He holds a strong passion for writing about cars and updating his readers about different trends in the automobile industry.

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