What Is the Link Between Alcohol and Depression? How Can This Be Treated?

As per some research, it has been found that people who are going through depression are more prone to get addicted to substances and alcohol. This is because they feel that alcohol is the only way that can make them forget all their emotions and give them peace. Thus, just one peg may lead to another, and before the person may know he would have been addicted to alcohol.

Depression is a mental health condition that can make you feel hopeless and sad all the time. Over time this may become dangerous as it may influence your mind to think and react. This is the hardest time for all your family members and friends. The role of alcohol here is that it has the capacity of suppressing the symptoms related to depression such as anxiety, irritability, restlessness, insomnia, loss of interest. It is one way to leave behind reality and relax.

Alcohol and Depression

If you do not treat this at the right time, then this may lead to severe body injuries and sometimes even suicidal feelings. To help you here, we have rehabs that are designed in such a way to treat such co-occurring conditions as depression and alcoholism. There are many rehabs for alcohol addiction treatment La Mesa, CA, and one of the premier ones is Genesis Recovery. It is a spiritually centered rehab center that is made for people struggling with alcohol addiction. they make sure that the person can live a life free of depression, family trouble, financial issues, etc.

Types of depression:

There are various types of depression diagnosed in people suffering from alcoholism:

  1. SAD (Seasonal affective disorder): This type of depression starts in fall and gets worse in the winter season. Then it turns optimistic in the summer and spring season.
  2. Psychotic depression: In this type, an individual may hallucinate about someone who is trying to harm him or her.
  3. Persistent depressive disorder: In this type, a person may be suffering from depression for the past 2 years.
  4. Major depression: Here the person may feel depressed and negative all the time, even in his personal or professional life.

Diagnosis of depression

Diagnosis of depression

The most common steps for diagnosis include physical examination, lab tests, and psychological evaluation. All these tests are important as they will determine the type of depression this individual is having and eliminate any chances of unwanted health problems like thyroid and viruses. There is also a diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5) that is used by most physicians to get a proper diagnosis.

After this diagnosis is done, your health provider will discuss with you the treatment options

Treatments for depression

Treatments for depression

As mentioned earlier, in such cases an individual should receive treatment from the rehab centers. The programs here are safe and effective.

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The most common therapies used are:

Medicated assisted therapy: This involves medications to ease the person’s withdrawal symptoms

Cognitive behavior therapy: Here the person will learn how to turn negative thoughts into the positive one

Group therapy: Here they can discuss in groups of people who are going through the same co-occurring disorder.

Most importantly, deciding to take help, in this case, is the biggest decision you can make for yourself.

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