Anybody might experience acne at any point of time in their life. This acne can make you feel worse with bumps. It is the young people who experience this problem more, compared to people from other age groups.

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Due to acne, people might lose their confidence. Acne can occur in different forms from noticeable cysts to small blemishes.

The following is the list of blemishes that are associated with the acne.

  • Whiteheads
  • Nodules
  • Pimples
  • Blackheads
  • Cysts

Different treatments are needed for different types of acne lesions. Receiving quick, effective therapy helps lower the possibility of long-term skin issues like scarring and pitting.

There are several treatments available for acne scars. Some of them might show good results, while some may not. If you are looking for the best treatment for acne scars or acne, do your research online.

The treatments that most people undergo to reduce their acne scars are laser treatment, facial pills, and a derma roller. Compare the treatment quality of various treatment centers and then choose one from them.

Individuals with severe acne might experience inflamed blemishes over their back, chest, and face. The non-inflammatory acne is less severe compared to the inflammatory type of acne.

The inflammatory acne type can cause more complications like pitting and scarring. Blackheads and whiteheads are perfect examples of noninflammatory acne types. The non-inflammatory acne is the less severe form of acne and doesn’t cause any discomfort or swelling.

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Whiteheads are tiny bumps or spots that are flesh-colored. On lighter skin, they appear like a circular, white center that is surrounded by redness.

This surrounding appears purple-hued on the darker skin. Whiteheads mostly don’t result in scarring. The surrounding skin of the whiteheads might appear wrinkled or tight.


Blackheads are dark-colored, tiny spots that have a bumpy appearance. Around the blackheads, the skin appears quite normal. But the blackhead center looks darker compared to the surrounding area.

Severe Forms


Nodules are inflamed and hard lumps that occur deep under the skin. Just like papules, these nodules do not have a visible head.


Cysts are usually painful and large in size. They are white or red lumps, found deep within the skin. These cysts, unlike nodules, has pus.

If you have acne, it is essential to make some changes in your diet. You must completely avoid spicy and oily food, to get some relief from acne.

You must also avoid smoking and alcohol, to keep your skin healthy. Smoking and alcohol consumption can worsen your acne.

Hence, it is very important to quit these habits. Eat healthy food and sleep well to maintain your skin healthy.

Acne Stages

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  • Mild Acne
  • Moderate Acne
  • Severe Acne

Some of the skin conditions which look pretty similar to acne are perioral dermatitis, Rosacea, Chloracne, etc. Acne occurs when your skin pores get blocked with dead skin cells.

Whether you have mild or moderate or severe acne, you must consult a dermatologist immediately. Taking the treatment is essential if you want to improve your skin condition.

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